Skin Tightening

Collagen is a protein within the skin that helps to boost and give elasticity to the skin. It is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, and also exists in muscles, bones, blood vessels, tendons and the digestive system. Collagen helps to give the skin strength, as well as to encourage skin cell turnover, leaving you with bright, healthy, youthful skin.

As we age, the level of collagen in our skin naturally declines, leading to an increase in skin laxity. On average, in women from the age of 20, collagen production declines by around 1% per year and the thickness of the skin will decrease by roughly 7% every 10 years. This can lead to drooping, sagging or wrinkling of the skin, something that many women and men struggle with as they age. This slowing in collagen production happens all over the body, including on the face. This can leave us with fine lines and wrinkles around and under the eyes, a loss of facial structure, changes in the shape of the chin, neck and mouth and other fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

At Esthetica Clinic we offer Exilis Ultra®, an award-winning, FDA-approved treatment that can be used to tighten and smooth loose skin on the face. It is a completely non-invasive and painless treatment with no downtime required, so fits into busy schedules perfectly.

Developed by BTL Aesthetics, an award winning aesthetics manufacturer, Exilis Ultra® skin tightening treatment uses a radiofrequency and ultrasound device on both the face and the body to help tighten the skin by triggering the process of collagen production. It works by applying radiofrequency waves to the treatment area, gently heating tissues deep beneath the surface of the skin, which triggers the renewed production of the body’s natural collagen. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens the skin, causing it to look tighter, firmer, and more healthy and youthful.

Exilis Ultra skin tightening is ideal for both men & women who are looking for the cosmetic improvement of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles brought on by lowered collagen production on their face and body.