Sunita Nathoo

Meet our Metabolic Balance Coach Sunita Nathoo. With several years experience, she has been able to help our clients achieve their weight loss and health goals. Sunita has helped many of her clients who were suffering from type 2 diabetes, thyroid disorder, cholesterol issues etc and have been able to come off medication and be cleared of the disease.

With Sunita Nathoo, Metabolic Balance coaching can be done remotely. You therefore do not need to worry in the event that you might be far from her clinic. Our coaches will guide you every step of the way no matter the distance.

Esthetica Clinic is always looking for accredited, dedicated coaches, nutrition experts that want to make a difference, and take our clients through the Metabolic Balance journey successfully. Come join us today as a coach and be part of the change.

Feel free to reach Sunita Nathoo on:

Mobile: +254 729 690512
Instagram: sunita_nathoo