Shelina Mediratta

From it’s humble beginnings in Isen Germany, Metabolic Balance has grown to be available in over 35 countries. The strategic direction and management of Metabolic Balance is operated in each region to ensure that our system is truly tailored to the local cuisines, customs and practitioners in the different countries around the world. 

Shalina Mediratta is the Director and License Holder & practitioner for Metabolic Balance in Kenya & East Africa, DNAfit practitioner, Nutrition & Wellness Advocate. Shalina is also the Founder & CEO of Esthetica Clinic, which specializes in weight loss, wellness, skincare and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. With several years of experience in Metabolic Balance, launching it in Kenya & East Africa in 2014 she helped reveal and harness the powerful connection between food and health, weight loss and wellness. Shalina Mediratta has become a leading specialist on achieving optimal, sustainable weight loss, health and wellbeing at any age or fitness level. Throughout her years as a Metabolic Balance coach & DNAfit practitioner, Shalina has transformed the health status, bodies and lives of countless people via smart, holistic personalized nutrition. Shalina’s holistic approach to health, weight loss and wellness, encompasses a 100% personalized, 100% natural programs based on bespoke programs which promote natural hormonal balance though nutrition, exercise and a change in lifestyle leading to living a happier, healthier life.

Shalina and her team are passionate to support practitioners in bringing Metabolic Balance to the people of Kenya & East Africa.