Harpinder Chaggar

Meet our Metabolic Balance Practitioner Harpinder Chaggar. With her experience and dedication as a Metabolic Balance practitioner she has managed to coach clients suffering from diabetes, thyroid issues and weight issues.

Metabolic Balance Practitioners all come from different career backgrounds with the same mission; to ensure our clients achieve their weight loss goal and manage their weight in a healthier way. At Esthetica Clinic we are always looking for nutritionists, medical doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths and individuals who are passionate about health and wish to become Metabolic Balance Practitioners.

To those who are passionate about helping people with weight loss and achieving a healthy lifestyle, come join coach Harpinder Chaggar!

Feel free to reach Harpinder Chaggar on:

Mobile: +254 721 413408

Email: harpinderchager@gmail.com

Instagram: @harpinderchager